Start-to-finish in mold processing



2021     65 sets 2K&3K molds developed and built, highly meet customers'                       requirements with timely delivery, high qualty and excellent                                 management.

2020     New invested plant ran for part injection; Business increased with                        approx.$ 20 millions dollars sales.

2019     Thick-wall parts & lightguides put into mass production; Anual sales hit              $15 millions marks.

2018     1st 3k mold successfully built;  1850T Haitian injection machine came               for 2K&3K mold trails and production.

2017     12 sets 2K mold developed and built.

2016     85% + business for automotive lighting molds.

2015     Highly performed in appearance of whole lighting parts,from design,              mold built, assemblying, electroplating and welding test for TATA                       Group projects.

2013     Involved in core project development for Hella[Germany] and                             Olsa[Brazil & China].

2007     Engaged in manufacturing automotive interiors & exteriors parts                        and injection business.

2007   开始汽车内外饰模具以及车灯模具的国内外模具制造与产品生产。

2013   参与车灯核心项目的开发 (海拉-德国, Olsa-巴西,中国)

2015   成功完成整款车灯产品设计评估,模具制造,产品组装,产品电镀等                外观需求, 产品焊接测试等。 (TATA-印度)

2016   汽车车灯类模具主营占比85%以上

2017   双色模具年开发量达 12

2018   三色模具的成功模以及本厂引入全新海天1850T三色注塑机,匹配本                  厂双色, 三色模具试模以及生产。

2019    厚壁件,光导小批量试产及配合客户量产供货。 模具年产值突破1                    亿人民币的营业额

2020    注塑厂投产,模具年产值稳步上升, 在1.3亿人民币的营业额

2021年    共参与双色,三色产品开发与模具制造 65套。稳定供货,品质,管                  控流程成熟,获得客户满意度极高